Discount codes

Let your customers pay with a pre-set discount. In your PayPro account, you can quickly create one or more discount codes to place on the payment page of your product.

Online immediately

Do you want to give your customers the chance to enter a discount code? You can do this on PayPro's payment page. While creating a payment button for your product, you can create your discount codes in a few steps. As soon as you save the payment button and turn it on, your customers will immediately have the possibility to enter the discount code.

Easy to configure

You can easily configure the discount codes for each payment button. Thus, if you have multiple payment buttons for multiple products, the discount code can only be used for its intended payment button. Of course you can create multiple discount codes for a single payment button. We keep track of how often the discount codes are used.

Extensive options

If you configure a discount code while you're creating a payment button, you can also choose a relative discount, such as 25%. However, you can also choose an absolute discount, such as € 5. Additionally, you can indicate how long a discount code is valid and how often the code may be used at most.

Thousands of entrepreneurs use PayPro

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