Spread payments & Subscriptions

Do you offer subscriptions? Or products that your customers can pay for in installments? With the module Spread payments & Subscription, PayPro takes care of your payments through SEPA direct debit. Safe and easy.

Spread payments & Subscriptions
  • Easily adjustable
  • Also with current subscriptions.
  • Easy debtors process
€ 25 Per month

Adjusting instalments

The amounts of the spread payments can be adjusted per customer at anytime in your PayPro account. So, if you make an additional arrangement with your customer it is easy to confirm the payment details. It’s also possible to have the first installment different from the rest of the recurring payments.

Taking over subscriptions

We would love to help you to take over your current subscription and put everything together in your PayPro system. If a new subscription is made, the customer needs to do the first payment online, so we can keep on collecting from this bank account.


To complete the automatization of your payments we recommend to add our debtor-management feature in combination with Spread payments & Subscriptions. With this module, PayPro can use a simple process that reminds and requests the amount due from your customers in case the payment was not successful. This is especially handy when you have to manage a large amount of payments.

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