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The combination of Magento 2 and PayPro enhances your Webshop with the powerful payment engine from PayPro.

Why Magento

Magento is an eCommerce platform tailored for web developers and mid to large-scale online shops. It provides one of the most robust feature sets in the industry, making it ideal for businesses with high ambitions.

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5 Easy steps to integrate PayPro in your webshop

To enable different payment methods in your webshop, we developed a process that makes it convenient for everybody, even with no developer experience, to connect those two systems.

  1. Create your free PayPro account
  2. Get the Payment Plugin directly from your PayPro account
  3. Connect the Plugin to your webshop
  4. Choose the payment methods for your payment page (you can always expand these afterwards and turn them on or off)
  5. Your webshop is now ready to receive online payments

How PayPro completes your webshop

PayPro is a payment service provider and responsible for the payments between the end consumer and your webshop. But PayPro is not just that. We focus on how we can help our merchants to grow. Therefore you receive certain benefits to connect Magento with PayPro:

  • Free registration and plugin
  • Perfect and easy connection between a WordPress website and your orders
  • 12 most common payment methods (Credit Cards, iDEAL, direct debit, ..)
  • Access to the (optional) time saving and revenue increasing modules, e.g. the promotion power of PayPro‚Äôs Affiliate network

Free registration and plugin

At PayPro the registration and the plugin are free of charge. Once you set up everything and have your first sales we charge a small fee per transaction depending on the payment method. You can find more information about our prices here.

More about PayPro integrations

If you haven't chosen an eCommerce platform yet, take a look at the convenient integrations we offer for your business.

  • Webshops & Integrations

    Check out our direct connections with WooCommerce, Opencart or Prestashop. Or have a look at our indirect connections with Salesforce, Quickbooks, Google apps, and many more.

  • Membership Plugins

    Useful tools for merchants who need a login-environment for their customers.

Thousands of entrepreneurs use PayPro

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