Give your customers the option to pay for your online purchases after receiving them, without you having any risk. Via Afterpay, the risk of not receiving the payment is fully taken away because of their payment guarantee. In this way, you do not need to worry about the financial processing.

€ 1.75 Per transaction
5.0% Variable costs
Start-up costs €25
  • Payment guarantee
  • Popular online payment method
  • Post-payments

First receive, then pay

The possibility to select AfterPay as a payment method can increase your conversion. If a customer wants to pay for your product with AfterPay, an identification takes place. After the customer’s identification, you can send the product. The customer only pays after having received the order.

No payment risk

AfterPay takes over the entire invoicing and provides you as entrepreneur a payment guarantee. You do not need to worry about the financial settlement and the payment risk. The idea of payment in arrears by using AfterPay gives the consumer lots of trust. Only pleasure, no pain!

Modern payment method

The option to make post-payments becomes increasingly popular in Europe. By including AfterPay on your website, you are able to offer a modern, international, and mobile payment method. To make payments through AfterPay, we create an AfterPay account for you. This includes a few prior checks by us and AfterPay to find out if your potential customers can comply with the obligations. Then you are ready to start!

PayPro Guide

Because AfterPay is somewhat more sensitive to fraud than other payment methods, we conduct an extra verification process. You will have to fill in an intake form which is checked manually by one of our employees and AfterPay. Do you want more information about this? Then consult our PayPro Guide.

Thousands of entrepreneurs use PayPro

Put an end to any doubts about the suitable payment method for your customer.