Belgian customers pay most often with Bancontact. By using PayPro, you can install this payment method on your website quick and easy. So, you can make sure you will not miss out any potential on the Belgian market.

€ 0.17 Per transaction
1.75% Variable costs
  • iDEAL of Belgium
  • Paid through an app
  • Easy and quick

Belgium’s payment method

Bancontact is the Belgian equivalent to the Dutch iDEAL, as their principles are similar. It is a payment method which let customers pay in their trusted bank environment. All Belgian banks support Bancontact which makes it the most used payment method of Belgium.

Efficient and direct

After the customer chose Bancontact on your website, he/she will be directed to his/her known banking app environment. There, the payment can be confirmed and will then be already processed. Payments through Bancontact are direct and guaranteed. After the confirmation, the money is directly added to your PayPro balance.

Standard in every banking app

The Bancontact function is nowadays included on every Belgium bank card when opening a bank account. Currently there are 15 million cardholders in circulation which are more than Belgian citizens. Moreover, multiple payment cards can be linked to the app. So your Belgian customer always has the right bank account at hand for the payment at your webshop.

Thousands of entrepreneurs use PayPro

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