Klarna - Pay now

With 'Klarna - Pay now' as online payment method you can reach customers in 13 European countries. Payments through 'Klarna - Pay now' are guaranteed to be secured and are transferred directly to your PayPro balance.

Klarna - Pay now
€ 0.35 Per transaction
2.0% Variable costs
Nonrecurring start-up costs of €30 and monthly €15
  • Connected to internet banking
  • 13 European countries
  • TÜV Saarland and Trusted-Shops certified

With own online banking

If your customer chooses 'Klarna - Pay now', it only needs its own internet banking data. Moreover, the banks also give confirmation for the safety guarantee. Because most consumer banks work with Klarna, it processes the payment in various countries with various currencies.

In many European countries

Klarna owns the former SOFORT method, also known as the iDEAL of Germany as it is one of the most widely used payment methods there. Klarna is originally from Sweden, where 40% of all e-commerce sales are processed by Klarna. This payment method has expanded to more European countries, including Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Great Britain and enjoys increasing popularity there and on an international level.

Safe, real time payment process

It is a quick, easy and direct online payment method. 'Klarna - Pay now' has a real time payment process and that is the reason the payment is immediately transferred to your PayPro balance. Klarna has been certified by TÜV Saarland on multiple levels. TÜV Saarland is the German security control agency and therefore Klarna guarantees secure online payments for your customers.

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