Tone Touch 03

“When I first saw the Tone 03 I didn’t have doubts at all really.

I was playing around with the parameters, that you are able to change, which is a lot. Like water temperature, pulses and volume of water. I just brewed a few coffees, tasted and tested for a bit and it was solid, the coffee was just very good."

Dan Dunne, Stooker Coffee Roasters

"In de tijd dat Tone drie filters aan het zetten is, kan ik iets van vijftien espresso drankjes maken. Hij is heel erg consistent en ik ben er super blij mee!"

Zjevaun, eigenaar Harvest Coffee Brewers


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Tone Touch 03
€ 3.814,88

€ 3.814,88
Bedrag inc BTW € 4.616,00