Cookie Policy

PayPro uses functional, analytical and tracking cookies. A cookie is a small text file that the internet browser of your device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone or other device automatically saves when you first visit the PayPro website. Your internet browser sends these cookies back to the PayPro website each time you visit so that we can recognize your computer, tablet or smartphone and personalize and improve your experience on our website. To do this, PayPro uses the following cookies:

  • Cookies with a purely technical functionality. This cookie ensures that the PayPro website works properly and remembers, for example, your preferences, for optimal ease of use of the PayPro website;
  • Analytical cookies that track your navigation on the internet, allowing PayPro to offer you targeted content and ads; and
  • Cookies placed by third parties such as advertisers and / or social media companies through the PayPro website.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are essential for the operation of our websites. Blocking or deleting these cookies may result in reduced functioning of the operations of our websites.

Analytical cookies

The analytical cookies used by PayPro do not contain or collect personal data. They are used to collect anonymous information about the use of our website and to continuously improve PayPro's services.

Cookies from third parties

PayPro uses third party services such as analytics and advertising. These parties place and use cookies for PayPro, but the information contained therein is not directly accessible to PayPro.

More information

Further information on PayPro's handling of personal data can be found in our privacy statement.


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