Do you want to send customers an invoice after a sale? You can do this with PayPro's invoicing module. A fiscally correct invoice, and of course the layout is up to you.

  • Your layout
  • After every sale
  • Can also be sent separately
€ 7,50 Per month

No problems

In some cases, it is customary to also send an invoice to your customers after a sale. Naturally, this depends entirely on the type of product or company. With PayPro's invoicing, you don't need to deal with this yourself.

Automatically generated

PayPro automatically generates the invoices and sends them to the customer on your behalf. After every sale, but also separately at your request. All data required for tax purposes are stated on the invoice, plus everything you wish to add.

In your house style

If you activate the invoicing module, you can choose to have a standard invoice sent. However, it is also possible with PayPro to design the layout completely in your own house style. This way, your invoice and company remain recognisable.

PayPro Guide

Curious how this module can be installed on your PayPro account? We will explain this in a video that can be found in the PayPro Guide.

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