Sometimes payments cannot be direct debited. That's why PayPro has debtor management. This allows your customer to pay you at a later date, without you having to do anything.

  • For all reversals
  • Reminders + due notices
  • Simple to transfer
€ 15 Per month

Preparation is key

There are several why payments cannot be direct debited. Your customer could not have enough money on their bank account, or the payment could be purposely reversed. In order to be prepared for this, PayPro introduces the debtor management module.

With iDEAL link

As soon as a payment has not been direct debited, PayPro sends several e-mails to your customer on your behalf. debtor management first sends reminders and then due notices. The e-mails sent contain an iDEAL link so the customer can pay you directly.

Easily transferable

Of course, it's not desirable. Though undesirable, your customer could have not paid even after the reminders and due notices. With PayPro's debtor management you will have fulfilled all requirements to transfer it to a direct debit agency.

PayPro Guide

Curious how this module can be installed on your PayPro account? We will explain in a video that can be found in the PayPro Guide.

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