Install iDEAL on your website quick and easy using PayPro. iDEAL ensures all your Dutch customers to pay for your product in a safe and familiar way.

€ 0.29 Per transaction
0.0% Variable costs
  • For Dutch customers
  • No variable price
  • Quickly online

Well-known payment

iDEAL is the most popular Dutch payment method and it has its reasons. Through iDEAL, your customers can pay safely and familiarly in their own internet banking environment. iDEAL is supported by all Dutch banks.

No surprises

Do you want to offer iDEAL through PayPro as a payment method? At PayPro, you know what you're up to and what it’s going to cost you. For iDEAL we charge a price of €0.29 per transaction and no variable costs.

Quick and easy

The payments through iDEAL are guaranteed and are processed within seconds. Your customer will directly see the payment on the statement. iDEAL will always be in the hearts of the Dutch consumer because of its speed and ease.

Within 3 minutes

Thinking about starting now? You can! After creating a PayPro account, you can immediately receive up to €250 of iDEAL payments. In this way you can integrate iDEAL in your online shop within 3 minutes.

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