Online payments by Mastercard are loved by national and international customers for their extra security measurements. With PayPro you can easily integrate Mastercard payments on your webshop and benefit from over 850 million cardholders.

€ 0.25 Per transaction
2.5% Variable costs
An annual service fee of €34
  • Extra security
  • International payment method
  • Well-known and familiar

Worldwide player

With 850 million cardholders, Mastercard is the largest credit card provider in the world after Visa. In Europe, banks mainly distribute credit cards in cooperation with networks of established credit card companies. Mastercard is hereby mainly preferred because of its extra security system when shopping online, well-known as Mastercard SecureCode™.

Much appreciated payment method

Approximately 46% of all European citizens own a credit card. The principle of credit cards is that the consumer can rule over a certain amount in advance, which it is refunded later. Studies have shown that this principle affects consumers’ purchasing power, as they are more likely to spent more with credit card payments. Besides that, credit cards are also often preferred as a payment method by online retailers because of their extensive buyer protection and purchase insurance.

Beyond the Dutch border

Offering the option to pay with Mastercard, you immediately use their international range of over 210 countries. This enables you to sell your product beyond any borders. Online payments via Mastercard are worldwide known and familiar with consumers.

Thousands of entrepreneurs use PayPro

Do you never again want to doubt about the suitable payment method for your customer?