With Visa as a payment method on your website, you will immediately increase your international reach. Credit cards are the most used online payment method in the world. Furthermore, VISA is besides PayPal the dominating payment method in Europe.

€ 0.25 Per transaction
2.5% Variable costs
An annual service fee of €34
  • Accepted worldwide
  • Most used online payment method
  • The largest credit card provider

Secure and familiar

An online payment through Visa is not only easy, it is safe and familiar with most customers in Europe and the rest of the world. In case of a credit card payments, the merchant will pay the amount in advance and the customer pays the amount back to Visa afterwards.

Pay insured

Offering credit cards as a payment method means more conversion for your product. With a credit card payment, customers often enjoy buyer protection and purchase insurance from credit card companies such as Visa. This results in a lot of trust among customers.

International power

With 1.3 billion cardholders, Visa is the largest credit card provider in the world. In Europe alone, Visa counts almost 150 million cardholders. By choosing to offer credit card payment methods on your website, you immediately profit from this large reach of potential customers for your product.

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