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We have been processing online payments since 2006

Recurring Payments

Spread payments & Subscriptions

With PayPro, you can easily collect payments from your customers using SEPA direct debits. This can be a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription, or a product paid in instalments. With our system, you can set the dates very flexible.

Easy & Powerful

Possible via the payment page, links, API or batches.

Adjustable installments

Adjust the SEPA revolving period at any time.

Debtor management

The ready-made debtor management process to your support.

Anti-fraude measures

All transactions and data are secured and encrypted.

Periodic direct debits

Do you want to offer subscriptions to your customers? Then have your payments collected through PayPro with SEPA direct debit. Clear, simple and fast. This way you can enjoy recurring income every period. SEPA direct debit.

Allround Crossfit membership

15 July
Henry Smith
€ 55,- per month

Allround Crossfit membership

11 June
Henry Smith
€ 55,- per month

Allround Crossfit membership

13 May
Henry Smith
€ 55,- per month

Successful SEPA direct debits: simple and fast

In the following, we explain our SEPA direct debit process via invoice in a number of steps. An invoice is one of the four options to process direct debits through PayPro. This will give you an idea of how easy your SEPA direct debits can be processed by PayPro.


First payment

After the first instalment has been paid online via iDEAL, BanContact or PayPal, we will automatically send an e-mail on your behalf. Your customer will be thanked for the order. If you wish, this e-mail also includes the SEPA authorisation form.


Returning the SEPA authorisation form


By signing and returning the SEPA authorisation form, your customer agrees to the direct debits that need to be paid in future.


Prior notice


As soon as we deliver the SEPA Direct Debit to the bank, we will send your customer a prior notification on your behalf so he/she is aware of the direct debit.


Actual direct debit

We direct debit the amount on the agreed date, which will be credited to your PayPro account within 2 working days.




We don’t presume this will happen, but it’s possible that your customer will cancel the payment. To prevent that you are left behind with unpaid invoices, PayPro has a practical module: debtor management. We will send several e-mails enabling your customer to still make the payment.



If successful direct debits are visible on your PayPro account, you are be able to withdraw your money. You then choose the amount that you wish to transfer to your business account.

Read more about withdrawing your balance

PayPro Guide

Can’t manage with the settings? Then we have a handy page on the PayPro Guide. Here you will find all articles about Recurring & SEPA Direct Debit, including a number of service videos.

PayPro Guide

In practice

  • For example, Jeremy owns a gym in Groningen.
  • To easily process his subscriptions, he has chosen to have them direct debited via PayPro.
  • The 500 monthly SEPA direct debits cost € 0.25 per transaction.
  • Additionally, Jeremy uses the modules Payment page, Spread payments & Subscriptions and Debtor management
  • The extra modules are required because Jeremy does not use the PayPro API.
This is Jeremy

Jeremy his total costs are:

  • Price per transaction € 0,25
  • Transactions 500

Activate Modules

  • Checkout Page € 15 per month
  • Spread payments & Subscriptions € 25 per month
  • Debtor management € 15 per month
Total € 180,- per month

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