Boost your turnover with a 1-Click-Upsell. After payment, the costumer can easily, safely and quickly agree to an additional order with a single click of the mouse.

€ 0.35 Per transaction
0.0% Variable costs
  • Boost your turnover
  • High conversion
  • Completely in your own style
  • Easy installation

Increase your turnover

Research shows that a 1-Click-Upsell can generate an average of 25% to sometimes as much as 50% extra turnover per customer. The ease of payment in combination with the timing can significantly increase your sales opportunities. This is partly due to the fact that the customer is in "the buyers' mood" and can't miss out on your attractive deal.

Completely in your own style

Instead of a 1-Click-Upsell page we offer a 1-Click-Upsell button. This allows you to customize your 1-Click-Upsell page to your own style!

Agree with one mouse click

With the 1-Click-Upsell your customer can, after payment of the first order, with one mouse click, agree to a purchase of an additional order. The amount is automatically debited using a one-time SEPA direct debit from the bank account used for the initial order.

Easy installation

The 1-Click-Upsell button is a link that can be used after a purchase that has been processed through PayPro. All you have to do is place the 1-Click-Upsell button on your page after 'successful payment', also called the 'thank you page'. After the first purchase, the customer will automatically be redirected to this page.

PayPro Guide

Are you curious how you can set up the 1-Click-Upsell in your PayPro account? We'll explain it to you in the PayPro Guide.

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