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Boost your sales with a 1-Click-Upsell. After the payment, the consumer can easily, safely, and quickly authorise the placement of an additional order with a single action.


In addition to the regular transaction costs, a fee of € 0.49 is deducted from the purchase amount for processing a successful 1-Click-Upsell.

  • Boost your sales
  • High conversion
  • Completely in your own style
  • Easy installation
€ 0.49 per transaction

Increase your sales

Research shows that a 1-Click-Upsell can generate an average of 25% up until 50% extra sales per customer. The ease of a payment in combination with the timing can significantly increase your revenue. This is partly because consumers are in a ‘buyer’s mood’ and cannot resist the attractive deal.

Completely in your own style

Just like PayPro’s payment page, the 1-Click-Upsell page is also displayed in your own style, as set in your original payment page.

Agreement with a single action

You can connect the 1-Click-Upsell page with each payment page. After the first purchase, the customer is automatically redirected to the 1-Click-Upsell page instead of the initial ‘thank you’ page. You can set a ´thank you’ page specifically for the successful payment after a 1-Click-Upsell.

Easy installation

The 1-Click-Upsell page is only displayed after an iDEAL payment. The only thing you have to do is to create the 1-Click-Upsell page and connect it to the original payment page. PayPro will make sure your customer will automatically see the offer after a successful payment.

Are you curious how you can set up the 1-Click-Upsell in your PayPro account? We’ll explain it to you in the PayPro Guide.

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