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Accept bank transfer

If you want to let customers pay through a bank transfer, this module is perfect for you. The transfers are automatically registered without any effort from you.

Accept bank transfer

  • From 34 European countries
  • Unique for customers and product
  • Automatically linked
€ 7,5 per month

Accept bank transfer

The module accept bank transfer lets you receive payments from 34 European countries as a seller. By introducing the SEPA standard, money can be transferred between euro accounts in all of Europe.

Unique feature

The feature that customers should note in the payments is unique for your customer and your product. This feature is stated in the invoice or offer you send, or in the payment page if your customers chooses a transfer.

Automatic link

Your customers transfer the money to PayPro’s bank account. The unique feature lets PayPro link the amount to your account immediately. If the payment cannot be redirected to a product or seller, we will retransfer the money.

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