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Getting Started

This page describes the steps necessary to start using the PayPro API.


The PayPro API is an easy way to create payment solutions for your business. It allows you create and manage payments, recurring payments, subscriptions, invoices and more.

In order to use the API you need to follow these steps:

  1. Validated Account
  2. Generate API key
  3. Install PayPro API Client

This is the developer documentation. You can find all the guides and examples for integrating with PayPro here.

See the most used products below and quickly start using them:

1. Validated Account

First thing you have to do is get a validated account at PayPro. You can Sign up here. The registration process will tell you which steps you have to undertake to get a validated PayPro account.

If you have questions regarding the validation of your account, check out our Guides or Contact us.

2. Generate API Key

Once your account is fully validated we can generate an API Key. This key is used to authenticate the API calls you will make. It is important you keep these API keys a secret and should only be shared with trusted parties.

You can generate API keys in your PayPro Dashboard.

3. Install PayPro API Client

The last step will be to install a PayPro API Client. PayPro created these clients to make it easier to work with the PayPro API. Choose the language you want to use and follow the installation guides below:


You are now ready to start using the PayPro API. Check the links below to see some quickstart guides for our most used products.


Quickly create payments with the PayPro API


Would you like additional support or do you have questions? Contact us.